Electronic Check Services (ECS)

Super Swipe Payments offer Electronic Check Service (ECS) that makes accepting paper checks more convenient, secure and cost effective for your business. Utilizing Super Swipe Payment’s check service, merchants can reduce costs, minimize the risk of bad checks, and get faster access to funds by converting paper checks into electronic transactions.

Our comprehensive ECS program offers flexible solutions to match your business’s operational needs. From check verification and guarantee to conversion with imaging and reimbursement for returned checks, Super Swipe Payments can provide the best solution for your business that is simple, reliable and affordable.

Merchant Benefits:

  • Provides the ability to accept checks as easily as credit cards
  • Minimizes risk by reducing or eliminating check losses
  • Improves cash flow with faster access to funds
  • Reduces check acceptance costs
  • Utilizes secure, automated processing
  • Speeds customer check-out
  • Provides easy reconciliation and record keeping
  • Reduces check fraud