Los Angeles SEO Services Dominate the Competition

Los Angeles SEO Services

Super Swipe Pay has always been proud to provide premium POS and online payment services in order to assist our customers with adapting to a new digital world. In an effort to further that mission, Super Swipe Pay will now be offering the most effective tool for increasing your website traffic and business presence online, Search Engine Optimization!

Search Engine Optimization or SEO, is the process of utilizing keyword analysis, interlinking, and creative writing in order to increase a business’ ranking on Google. (Link to Google.com) Google sends out metabots in order to gauge your business’ topic. The more keywords and interlinks you have on your page, the higher your ranking on their search results.

Because we love our customers, Super Swipe Pay is proud to announce the introduction of results-oriented search engine optimization and online marketing services in Los Angeles!

Why Should You Use SEO?

“If your business is not on the internet, you will soon be out of business” – Bill Gates

Whether Bill Gates was just trying to conjure up business for Microsoft or not, we will never know. However, he is definitely right! Over 80% of Americans will not search past the 2nd page of a search engine. The days of yellows pages, phones books, and print advertising are extinct. Consumers are drawn to content that can be instantly updated. Think about it…when is the last time you have used a service or made an investment without first researching it online? “I cannot remember” is most likely your answer.

SEO allows you to consistently analyze how much bang you are getting for your buck. You can analyze your Return on Investment much easier with the help of Google Analytics. With the help of SEO and online marketing, you can legitimately see to which pages on your website that the customer is drawn. This is important for small to midsize businesses who often do not have the time or the resources to devote to online marketing. Do not let that stop you from increasing your market share. (link to contact us page) Contact us to help you raise your profit margin at an affordable price!

Why Choose Super Swipe Pay?

Glad you asked! Our digital marketing service exceeds all expectations and goes beyond what traditional SEO companies offer. We do not try to sell you an expensive package where you are helping the executives at Google buy another jet. When you contract with us, you will receive:

SEO audits that give you a clear vision about your position, what you’re doing right or wrong to reach higher visibility and what you need to do to get there in an easy-to-understand manner.

• Google Business Local set up and optimization.

• Monthly SEO work done in-house. We work on building you an asset that stands the proof of time unlike 99% of big SEO agencies that outsource their work for cheap and don’t care if your website gets penalized by the next Google update.

• Local PPC campaigns set up and management.

• Lead generation – Prefer to pay to get your phone ringing with calls from people genuinely interested in your service that you don’t share with anybody else (Unlike (link to homeadvisor) Home Advisor for instance)?

If all of those services sound appealing, (link to contact us) Contact Us! We will analyze what you need to increase your ranking while you focus on simply doing your job. Let the folks at Super Swipe Pay take care of your SEO needs.

We are customer focused, family oriented, and believe in providing quality service to our customers. Who wants to do business with a company they don’t respect…so we will tell you this fact upfront. We want our customers to realize that they are making an investment in the future of their business. Because start-ups often do not have the necessary means to set aside a marketing budget, we rarely work with businesses still getting on their feet. However, if you want to commit to experiencing outstanding results and leave the competition in the dust, then please fill our discovery form to get a FREE Video Analysis of your current internet presence. This will be the basis upon which everything else builds.