Pharmacy merchant account and payment gateway

Pharmacy merchant account and payment gateway

Super Swipe Pay provides account and payment solutions for online pharmacies. The growing need for people to find everything online has made it possible to have a myriad of internet businesses. Online pharmacies are some of the entities that merchants put up. When establishing an online pharmacy, you have to consider the merchant account and payment gateway services. Understanding what each of these elements means is useful in finding the right people to provide them.

Pharmacy Merchant Account

Merchant accounts allow customers to use credit cards for online payments. The main feature of these types of accounts is that money is received through a website. Merchant accounts make it possible to carry out transactions on a card-not-preset and mail-order-telephone-order basis. A merchant account is an online credit card processing account. One way to get such an account for your online pharmacy is a merchant service provider like Super Swipe Pay. With our services, you get a simple processing process for applications. In a matter of minutes, we ensure that you have a merchant account set up for your online pharmacy. Find out the qualifications to meet before applying.


phrmacy payement gateway


There are several merits of using a merchant account for your online pharmacy:

  • Transactions are easy to carry out. They are also instantaneous. Shoppers don’t have to waste time queuing for payment.
  • We can tailor your pharmacy merchant account to suit the requirements of your business.
  • You can choose the currencies or credit cards to accept in your account. Whether it’s a startup or an established company in the market, we have the services to cater to all needs.
  • Online transactions are through secure networks to ensure the protection of information and funds.
  • A merchant account is very easy to set up. You don’t have to engage in endless paper pushing to get your account ready.

Pharmacy Payment Gateway

A payment gateway is a link between the merchant account and the merchant bank. The system is also interconnected to a network of credit card issuing institutions. With a payment gateway, an online merchant can receive card payments. It’s like a POS terminal for online stores. When customers provide their credit card data on a website, the details pass on to the payment gateway.

A decryption of that information for statistical purposes follows and then it is rcreditpharmacye-encrypted and sent to the merchant bank, and lastly sent to the credit card issuing bank for authorisation. The reason a payment gateway is important is that there are security concerns if a payment was to go directly through the website to the processor. A payment gateway is intergraded into a merchant account. We provide payment gateway solutions to suit varying requirements for online pharmacy businesses.

Having a payment gateway comes with the following plus points:

  • You have a guarantee that financial transactions are secure. Online customers are always worried about credit card fraud.
  • It is easy to run an international online pharmacy when using a suitable payment gateway.
  • The error-free nature of financial transactions is an advantage for the merchant and customers.
  • You benefit from more than just a payment gateway with the integration of programs such as shopping cart software.

Online entrepreneurs encounter various challenges when applying for merchant accounts or payment gateway services. One is dealing with hidden fees from service providers.It is vital for clients to understand what they are paying or before accepting contracts.

Failure to familiarise themselves about penalties is another issue that arises quite often. With Super Swipe Pay services, we lay out everything on the table for satisfactory services. When starting an online pharmacy, you need a merchant account and payment gateway that meets your specific needs.

We have professionals that will help with the fundamentals of each service.